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Not all tyres are created equal

Uncover the technology behind Blacklion and see how it can maximise your drive.

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Our tyres are tailored to the demands of driving in the Middle East.

for Saloon Cars

Superior durability and performance for a smooth ride on the road.

Two different tyres available in multiple sizes. AA traction grading and premium safety rating.

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for SUV / 4x4

Enhanced flexibility and driving comfort, on and off the road.

Three styles of tyre dependent on where you drive. Outstanding treadware rating, additional features and versatility.

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for LCVs

Three styles of tyre with increased load-bearing capabilities, designed for flexible handling and longer running.

Premium gradings for safety, treadware and road performance.

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for Trucks & Buses

Premium tyres designed for the toughest Middle Eastern driving challenges.

Eight different truck and bus tyres that respond to your requirements.

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Know Your Tyre

Four tyres are all that connect your car with the road. Our basic guides drive you through the terms and technology. They’ll show you how improve the durability and performance of your tyres, as well as how to care for them in different seasons.

Driving in the Middle East

Where you drive has a huge impact on your tyres. Our practical guide helps you maximise performance and durability of your tyres, on and off the road, whatever the season

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