Immediate Tyre Supply and Delivery

We always hold more than 15,000 tyres in stock. These are ready to distribute now, delivered and fitted by our personal fleet of mobile delivery trucks. Wherever you are in the UAE or Oman, we can get new and replacement tyres out to you at a moment’s notice. We maintain large stocks of all our tyres and manage our inventories based on the tyre purchases of clients.

A Mobile Tyre Fitment Solution Keeps Your Vehicles on the Road

Taking the stress out of tyre replacement, our tyre fitment service provides fitment, balancing and alignment on site. Your vehicles don’t need to spend valuable time off the road, nor do you need to worry about optimising your vehicles’ set up. With a commercial program you’ll have a named contact and access to all our mobile services.

In addition, we partner with a wide network of garages across the UAE and Oman. If it’s more expeditious we’ll arrange for your fleet tyre replacements to be performed at one of these garages.

Exhaustive Evaluation Optimises Tyre Performance

Our personalised solutions include regular performance evaluation. We want to maximise the cost efficiency and lifespan of your tyres, whether you’re running a small fleet of trucks or a 200-strong fleet of taxis. Dedicated service engineers will inspect and analyse your tyres every month, checking many aspects of their performance. This provides valuable data and leads to recommendations that can save you money and optimise performance.

As part of the evaluation we’ll check tyre treads, condition, pressure and balancing. You’ll receive detailed performance reports that show the cost of the tyres per kilometre, allowing you to make comparisons with other brands. We can also design specific evaluation reports based on your requirements, feeding in monthly data that allows you to track performance across time and different vehicles.

A Dedicated After Sale Service That Improves Efficiency

We offer a long-term tyre solution for all our clients. It starts with an analysis of your requirements and extends for at least three years from when you purchase the tyres. The after sales service is also customised to your requirements and is part of a five point commercial tyres check up.

  1. Three-Year Warranty and Dedicated Claim Management System – Blacklion offers a limited three-year warranty on all newly purchased tyres and you’ll have a dedicated contact for all warranty claims and quality related queries.

  2. Tyre Condition Analysis – Inspecting tyres from various vehicles creates a detailed analysis report. You’ll receive suggestions and recommendations for improving the performance and condition of your tyres.

  3. Tyre Pressure Inspections – Maintaining optimal tyre pressure is essential to performance. We’ll provide a detailed report based on monthly checks.

  4. Training – Workshops for your staff educate them on key aspects of tyre installation, maintenance, performance and safety. These can be tailored for fleet managers, workshop technicians and vehicle drivers.

  5. Equipment and Tools – We keep a wide range of mounting tools and safety equipment in stock, which can improve the operation in your workshops.

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