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A dedicated Blacklion support team and industry-leading three-year warranty

We're proud of our tyres. And we want you to get the most out of your tyres.

Most tyres come with a limited warranty. As Blacklion tyres have been tested for Middle Eastern conditions we can confidently offer a three-year warranty, protecting your purchase against manufacturing and workmanship defects.

Our support team provides dedicated advice and assistance, pre and post purchase. They’ll answer all your questions and resolve any product complaint personally.

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    You need to register your Blacklion tyre to benefit from our industry-leading three-year tyre warranty.


    Enjoy Personalised Advice From the Blacklion Support Team

    The tyre market can be confusing. There are thousands of tyres to choose from and dozens of terms you may have never heard before. Our support team provides personalised advice, helping you select the tyre that best suits your needs. This is in addition to the assistance you can receive at any of the authorised Blacklion dealerships.

    We know it can be complicated. Which is why we’re the only tyre brand in the UAE that offers this kind of dedicated support. The support team can be easily reached on a toll-free number and understands all the complexities of the tyre market. Our team will also guide you to the nearest garage should you need additional assistance.

    Expert Technical Input To Get the Most From Your Tyres

    The Blacklion support team will provide personalised assistance following your purchase. They’re here to resolve any product complaint you may have. Even if you are unsure, please get in touch so the team can provide assistance.

    We find that many people are unaware of how to check or care for their tyres. They are also unsure of when they need to replace their tyres. We’ve developed a series of how to guides to get you started. But it’s often best to get advice that’s tailored to your vehicle and situation. The Blacklion support team provides basic and technical advice about all aspects of your tyre, ensuring you can get maximum value for your purchase.

    “Blacklion is the only tyre brand in the UAE to offer a dedicated support service to retail customers.”

    Speaking with customers and following our tyres is also an important part of the engineering process. Before Blacklion was released to a Middle East market we spent three years testing the tyres with taxi fleets and government authorities. We’re still collecting feedback so we can improve the tyres further: hearing your views and responding to any complaints is another essential aspect of making the region’s leading tyres. You can read more about our testing facility and process on this page.

    A Leading Middle East Tyre Warranty

    We want you to feel confident when purchasing your tyres. And we are very confident of the quality of Blacklion tyres.

    All Blacklion tyres sold in the Middle East are covered under an industry-leading three year warranty. This covers the tyres against any workmanship and manufacturing defects for three years from the date of purchase.

    Remember, you can contact the Blacklion support team five days a week. Unlike most warranties, you’re guaranteed somebody to talk to regarding your claim. A Blacklion representative will provide assistance and be on hand whenever required.

    Eligibility and Fine Print of the Blacklion Warranty Offer

    This document contains the full wording of the Blacklion warranty policy.

    The following bullet points provide a simplified overview of the policy.

    • Blacklion tyres are covered under a limited warranty for three years against all manufacturing and workmanship defects.
    • The warranty is valid for three years from the date you purchased a Blacklion tyre from an authorised Blacklion dealer or retailer.
    • The tyre is under warranty when it has been subject to normal usage and conditions. The remaining tread depth must be above the minimal legal limit – 1.6mm.
    • Please make note of the standard exclusions that apply to tyre warranties.
    • Eligible tyres will be replaced by a new comparable Blacklion tyre with its price reduced on a pro-rata basis dependent on the use of the tyre.

    Please note that the warranty covers manufacturing and workmanship defects. It does not cover your tyre against aggressive or irregular use, nor against accidental damage or operational abuse. If you use your tyres incorrectly then the warranty will not be valid. That’s another reason why our support team provides personalised advice, helping Blacklion customers get it right.

    For full details of the exclusions please refer to the warranty wording.