Blacklion prides itself on the high-quality manufacturing of all its tyres and takes care to listen to the drivers who rely on them. Below you can hear some of the customers we’ve surveyed giving their honest feedback on using Blacklion tyres in the Middle East and around the world.

"So so happy with these tyres. I spent a lifetime swearing by well known premium brands. Blacklion was recommended to me by a guy who runs a drift series so I said I would give them a go. Every bit as good or better than any premium tyres I have used in the past. Superb grip in dry and wet conditions, absolutely stick to the road no matter how hard you push them".

Evan Jackman

"Decided to buy them for my Honda Pilot as we have them on my wifes Civic. They are as quiet and nice riding as the Michelins they replaced".

Mike Spear

“I heard of these tyres through discussion with customers and other retailers who I trust and they all gave them excellent reviews. This prompted me to look into it further and from my research into the brand I decided these are definitely a tyre that fits our company profile of only selling Quality Affordable Tyres".

"New tires, wary of a brand I had never heard of but they handle better than the Michelin set I replaced. Happy with the selection, H235/60 R18 for an Audi Q5".

Lonnie Salyer

"Got a set of these on my Tucson a few months ago. Highly recommended by the vendor who had them on his own SUV. I did not know the brand but I’m delighted I went with his advice. Besides looking good, performing well and sticking to the road like glue no matter how hard I push them, they also seem quieter than the Hankooks they replaced. Very happy camper and I’ll be getting the Blacklion BU66 soon on my wife’s car too".

Naz Emre

"I really trust these tyres in terms of safety and handling. Whether I’m driving in the desert or on the road. My daily usage is around 150km – the tyres play a vital role in my week and I really have a trust thanks to the 3 year warranty Blacklion tyres provide".


"The point of the BU66 was to be just as good as the “tier 2” tires at a lower price and here, they definitely succeed".

"We have a family car, a Nissan X-Trail 2007 model. My father has good knowledge of tyres and was given a recommendation for Blacklion tyres. We have been using them for one year now and it’s been great, we have no complaints. They are durable and very comfortable to drive".


"I drive a Lancer EX, I use it mostly for official purposes and with long distance drives with my family. I drive at least 70km a day and my tyres regularly expire. I was introduced to Blacklion via personal recommendation. I have found that Blacklion is more reliable than other brands – it’s perfect for UAE weather and I have recommended it to many of my friends and family".