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Engineered to deliver superior traction, this tyre performs on and off the road. Delivers enhanced stability and driving comfort, whether required for medium haulage or intense local operations.

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A detailed look at BLR52

Stone ejectors are built into the grooves

Solid shoulder delivers stability in all positions

Specially manufactured rubber compound improves grip


Drive comfortably on unpaved roads, with a solid shoulder that delivers stability in all positions.

This wide-base tyre has been engineered to deliver the trademark Blacklion superior mileage.

Unique rubber compound ensures the BLR52 is ready for a variety of operations, including medium haulage on the highways and the rugged demands of local construction.


A specially manufactured rubber compound improves grip on challenging surfaces.

Stone ejectors are built into the grooves of a tyre that offers exceptional stone chipping resistance.

Extended tread depth and wear resistance compound ensure the stability of the tyre, even after long and intensive use.

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Max Speed

110 kph

Max Load


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