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Voracio BS87

Performance-focused LCV tyre. Increased load-bearing capabilities and intuitive handling helps to meet the demands of driving in the Middle East.

  • Handling
  • Economy
  • Comfort
  • Extended Life
Discover Voracio BS87Discover Voracio BS87

A detailed look at Voracio BS87

Deep pattern grooves give consistent performance in all seasons

Enhanced wear resistance

Unique puncture resistance compound


A special tread compound optimises the load-bearing capabilities of the tyre.

The deep pattern grooves provide consistent performance through all the Middle East’s seasons and conditions.

The handling is exceptional for a LCV style of tyre, making it a pleasure to drive with the Voracio BS87.


Consistent load bearing and superior traction provides a keen feeling of safety, even when carrying heavy loads.

Unique puncture resistance compound offers security when you need to bump off road.

Enhanced wear resistance ensures the tyres maintain their safety features, even after tens of thousands of miles.

Voracio BS87 Performance Comparison

This chart gives you an overview of Voracio BS87 across the key tyre performance benchmarks alongside other tyres suitable for LCV vehicles.

Use the key to hide and show tyre performance ratings and quickly compare the range.

Is this tyre suitable for my vehicle?

Life with Blacklion

The Voracio BS87 is suitable for all types of LCVs.

This tyre is available in two different sizes and specifications. One of these may be compatible with your LCV vehicle.

This tyre can fit vehicles with the following wheel rim size (in inches): 14, 15.

Dependent on the size and specification, the Voracio BA80 can be driven at a maximum speed of 160 – 170 km/h, speed ratings Q – R. Note that you may be able to fit tyres with a higher speed rating than your vehicle manufacturer recommends.

All Voracio BS87 tyres have standard max load ratings of 106/104.

Voracio BS87 tyres do not have extra load (XL) capabilities.

Max Speed

160-170 kph

Max Load


Available tyre sizes

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*LI = Load Index. *SS = Speed Symbol.

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